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Alrighty let’s take a look at how this wonderful grid from Sound Horizon’s 5th Story CD “Roman” could be used for magickal purposes.
I’m not sure if any non-Laurants are going to be interested in this, but I’ll explain the basics of how to use the grid anyway just in case.
Let’s say you have a (Japanese) syllable and want to “translate” it into the Roman number system, for example “ra”. First you look up which of the top numbers “ra” belongs to (09), then which side number (01). (note: i struggled trying to describe those columns as horizontal/vertical and eventually gave up) Combine those numbers and you get your number code for the kana “ra”: 0901. “n” would be 1003, “ko” is 0205 and so on.

You can then use this number the same way you use a sigil: to have something to focus your energy into and to convey your basic message while bypassing your conscious mind by using an “abstract” representation.

An example would be the code for “become happy” (shiawase ni narinasai) from the actual cd: [0302.0101.1001.0304.0502.0105.0501.0902.0501.0301.0102]
not as, uh, handy as as a sigil, but if you’re like me and never manage the “forget the meaning of the sigil” part when trying to create a sigil for long-term-use, it can work wonders.

While this grid doesn’t really work in any language other than Japanese, you can always use the basic system and make up one for the Latin alphabet (or whatever alphabet you use. Hell, you can even translate runes into numbers this way.)

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